Done In 60 Seconds – Are Your Tyres Ready For ACTion?

28 Posted: 28th Oct 2020
Done In 60 Seconds – Are Your Tyres Ready For ACTion?

As part of its annual Tyre Safety Month campaign, TyreSafe is reminding drivers a simple 60-second check of their vehicle’s tyres can reduce the risk of an incident on the roads.

  • On average, 159 people are reported1 killed or are seriously injured each year as a result of incidents caused by tyre-related defects, which compares to 144 due to driver distraction from mobile phone use. Many of the tyre-related incidents could be avoided if drivers regularly checked their tyres – at least once a month and before long journeys.

    To help educate drivers, TyreSafe has created animations around well-known film titles as part of its Tyre Safety Month 2020 campaign, including the cult classic Done in 60 Seconds. The short film illustrates how to look for any changes to the surface of the tyre, including cracking or embedded objects. Lumps and bumps could indicate internal damage and if they are found, motorists are advised to seek urgent professional advice.

    Tyre Safety Month is organised by TyreSafe, the UK’s charity dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of tyre maintenance. Supported by leading road safety stakeholders such as Highways England, the National Fire Chiefs Council and National Police Chiefs Council, along with leading tyre and vehicle retailers and manufacturers, this year’s campaign asks drivers Are your tyres ready for ACTion?. That draws on TyreSafe’s ACT acronym, reminding drivers to check Air pressure, Condition and Tread.

    Stuart Jackson, Chair of TyreSafe said: “Many drivers take the condition of their tyres for granted and don’t appreciate tyres are working for you every second you’re out on the roads. Taking a minute to check them before you leave, and ensuring your tyres are properly monitored and maintained, could save lives – a monthly check is all it takes.

    “If you are heading out on the road, follow the TyreSafe advice and make sure your tyres are ready for ACTion.”


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