Suzuki Service Activated Warranty


When your Suzuki 3-year manufacturer warranty ends, our new Service Activated Warranty takes over and covers your Suzuki for up to 7 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first.

All you need to do is have your Suzuki serviced by our manufacturer-trained technicians, here at Ken Brown Suzuki. When you next bring your car in for a service at Suzuki, you’ll receive your unique code – don’t lose it! To claim your additional warranty all you need to do is scan the QR code and enter your details. It’s easy peasy, simple and free!

To book your next Suzuki service, simply give us a call on 01462 889270 or use our simple online booking form.



The Suzuki Service Activated Warranty (subject to these terms and the completion of the online registration) will commence at no extra cost following expiry of the New Vehicle Warranty, Suzuki Approved Used Warranty or Service Activated Warranty unless you are a Lapsed Customer (see below for more

Please note this Service Activated Warranty does not apply to the Service Activated Warranty exclusions below.

The Suzuki Service Activated Warranty is a warranty which, subject to these terms, is activated on completion of the last scheduled service by a Suzuki Dealer/Service Centre. By maintaining the vehicle’s recommended service schedule, customers can gain an additional 12-months or 9,000/12,500* miles (whichever occurs first) Service Activated Warranty from the date of each service, until the 7-year/100,000 miles (whichever occurs first) limit is reached. Please note the delay in Continuation of cover for a Lapsed Customer. If you are a Lapsed Customer, the Service Activated Warranty will begin 30 days from the date the Suzuki Dealer/Service Centre scheduled service has been completed. 

The 7-year/100,000 miles (whichever occurs first) limit runs from date of first registration.
Only Suzuki models originally sold through UK Suzuki authorised dealers qualify for the Suzuki Activated Warranty and customers must be residing in the UK. All repairs must be carried out by a Suzuki Dealer/Service Centre. Customers must register details on the Suzuki Website portal using a unique reference code generated by the Suzuki Dealer/ Service Centre at time of service. All components covered by this policy must be free from defect at time of policy activation (date of service). *Mileage intervals as per your warranty & service booklet. If you have any queries in relation to your eligibility for the
Suzuki Service Activated Warranty, or how it will apply to your vehicle, please contact your local Suzuki Dealer/ Service Centre.

Electrical and mechanical factory-fitted components are covered against electrical or mechanical failure;
Other than:
• Filters, fuses, spark plugs, worn/warped clutches, brake shoes, pads, drums, discs and cables, oil, fluids, coolant, wiper blades and arms, drive belts (except camshaft drive belt, provided it has been replaced in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification), pipes and hoses, lamps and bulbs, fuses, high tension leads, wheels and tyres, batteries and exhaust systems. Infortainment systems.

• General oil leaks (except where the removal of the engine or gearbox is necessary in order to rectify the oil leak).

• Bodywork of any kind, sheet metal, body panels, bodywork or glass sealants or bondings, paintwork, glass and mirrors (except in the case where they suffer an electrical or mechanical failure), upholstery, carpets, interior and exterior trim, all weather strips and seals, channels and guides, locks, hinges, handles, check straps, antenna and cosmetic items. For the avoidance of doubt, the general corrosion warranty will remain in place.

• Parts not approved by or equivalent in quality or design to parts supplied by Suzuki.

• Damage or defects as a result of consequential damage caused by non-Suzuki genuine accessories or special equipment.

• Parts replaced under normal maintenance procedures or replaced as a result of normal wear and tear, adjustments, reprogramming or loading of software.

• Covered components with existing defect at time of policy commencement. 

Should a valid claim for a covered component require essential replacement or topping up of lubricants, fluids, oils, oil filters, coolant or refrigerant, these items shall be covered as part of the total claim provided that the covered vehicle is not within 1,000 miles or one month of its next due service. Casings are covered when damaged by a covered component which has suffered an electrical or mechanical failure and
which forms part of a valid claim under this warranty. 

This warranty does not cover any injury, failure, loss or damage caused by, arising from or in connection with the following: 

  1. Corrosion, frost, salt, hail, windstorms, lightning, airborne fallout, (e.g. chemicals, tree sap, bird droppings, etc.), water ingress or flooding
  2. Any defect that existed when the Service Activated Warranty period commenced.
  3. Wear and tear, normal deterioration, routine servicing, maintenance, adjustments, reprogramming or loading of software.
  4. Faulty repairs, incorrect servicing or failure to have the covered vehicle serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification.
  5. Lack of oil, fuel, lubricants, hydraulic fluids or additives; or foreign matter entering the fuel, cooling, air conditioning or lubrication systems; or use of parts, oil, fuel, lubricants, hydraulic fluids or additives which the manufacturer of the covered vehicle does not recommend.
  6. Vehicles modified in any way from the original manufacturer’s specification.
  7. Any loss where the odometer has been tampered with, altered, disconnected or where the mileage of the covered vehicle cannot be verified; or where you or anyone else acting on your behalf acts in a way that prevents us from exercising our right to inspect the covered vehicle under this warranty.
  8. Any vehicle used for competitions (including practice), track days, racing, pacemaking, rallies or speed or duration tests, or power testing.
  9. Any vehicle which is owned by a business formed for the purpose of selling or servicing motor vehicles or for hire or reward.
  10. Other vehicle brands/models, except for Suzuki.
  11. Police vehicles, fire service vehicles, ambulances and vehicles used by any other emergency service.
  12. Losses or damage due in any way to any type of accident, misuse or any act or omission which is willful, unlawful or negligent (such as but not limited to consequential damage caused by continuing to drive the covered vehicle when a fault becomes apparent).
  13. Any component which is subject to recall by Suzuki.
  14. 14. Cleaning, polishing, operations performed under normal maintenance, adjustments, modifications, alteration, tampering, disconnection, improper adjustments or repairs.
  15. We will pay for damage caused to a covered part if caused by another covered part, but not damage caused by a part that is not covered.
  16. We will not pay for any depreciation to your vehicle, loss of earnings, death or bodily injury, damage to property or any other loss or damage which is a direct or indirect result of the failure of a covered item.
  17. As your policy is intended to cover the repair and/or replacement of defective or damaged parts, it does not additionally cover losses that may be caused by that defective or damaged part, unless otherwise stated in the Service Activated Warranty terms and conditions. For example, your Service Activated Warranty may cover repairs to or replacement of an ABS module but would not cover any loss of earnings that you may suffer while your vehicle is being repaired.
  18. You should check whether you have any insurance policies that may cover additional damage or related costs or losses not covered by this Service Activated Warranty.
  19. War, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, terrorism, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power, riot or civil commotion.
  20. Pressure waves caused by aircraft and other aerial devices travelling at sonic or supersonic speeds.
  21. Any costs covered under any insurance guarantee, warranty or cover.

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